Peter E. Shoup

President & Chief Executive Officer

Pete Sr. graduated from Miami University of Ohio with an Accounting major and a B.S. in Business Administration in 1979. He moved his family to Naples in 1980 and joined Krehling Industry as an Accounting and Sales Manager and later led Rinker Materials on the West Coast of Florida as District Sales Manager for 12 years. Rinker became the largest ready mix and block manufacturing supply company in Florida. Pete joined Commercial Concrete in 2000 and became co-owner and President in 2004. Since his leadership role, the company has grown from 12 million in sales to the approximately 50 to 60 million in annual sales that it produces today.

Augie Sorenson

Vice President Field Operations

Augie has over 45 years of experience with structural concrete forming and construction. His “hands on” field approach and resourcefulness are invaluable, as well as his scheduling abilities.

Peter C. Shoup

Vice President Project Control

Pete Jr. graduated from the University of Florida in with an major and a B.S. in

David Richard

General Manager Super-Flat Division

Dave is an expert in concrete paving and tilt-up construction, backed up by more than 25 years experience in these fields.

Juan P. Jordan

Vice President East Coast Operations

Juan brings more than 20 years of experience in the concrete industry, both from the field and managerial ends. He is instrumental in the planning and execution of our projects.

Jimmy Dexter

General Manager Georgia Office

Started in concrete construction in 1995 specializing in large Warehouse floors concrete paving and curb and gutter



  • Maria F. Villegas - Accounting Manager
  • Carolina Zuluaga- Accounting Assistant
  • Leticia Gamez - A/R Assistant
  • Vanessa Martin - HR Manager
  • Yuri Castro –Assistant P.M.
  • Liset Alberto –Administrative P.M.
  • Jerome (Buck) Mahone – Safety Officer


  • Alejandro Cruz Garcia
  • Andres Escobar
  • Aurelio Moran
  • Cecilio Martinez
  • Cirilo Garcia
  • Dean Miller
  • Ernesto Andrade
  • George Blummer
  • Hermenegildo Ortiz
  • Jaime Cisneros
  • Jose Rosas
  • Leo Lora
  • Luis Ortiz
  • Pancho Serrano
  • Rodolfo Lopez
  • Shane Woodring (Woody)
  • Alejandro Padron
  • Antonio Garcia
  • Bob Withers
  • Charles Honadel
  • Cruz Munoz
  • Erasmo Rodrigez
  • Faustino Montalvo
  • German Vargas
  • Ivan Cruz
  • Jesse Rosas
  • Jose Echeveste
  • Luis Camacho
  • Mateo Juarez
  • Ramon Borjon
  • Teodulo Sanchez
  • Vicente Zepeda